Happy Wives Club

I came across this post on the The Romantic Vineyard blog.
I’ve never heard of Fawn Weaver before, but after reading this and watching the promo video, I have to say I’m really interested in reading that book! I’d like to know what Fawn discovered around the world on her search for happy wives. I am most definitely a “happy wife” and would love to hear other women’s stories as well.
The world believes that happiness in marriage is rare or nonexistent these days, but I know that that is not true. God is at work around the world, and His spirit is evident in countless marriages. I’m sure that’s exactly why Satan tries so hard to cover it up and portray only the nastiness!
Comment on the Romantic Vineyard’s post and share it for a chance to win a copy of the book.

In Christ, Charity

The Romantic Vineyard

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I remember a few years ago when I first discovered Fawn Weaver’s excellent website– Happy Wives Club. It was simple and focused on one goal–to find one million happy wives worldwide.

She was tired of hearing women tear down their husbands on TV and in the movies. Women were always cast as the “wise ones” in the relationship, with the husband being nothing more than a sidekick for a good laugh. I couldn’t agree with her more, and I have expressed similar disgust for the lack of respect given to men, in general and husbands, specifically.

Well, today it is my delight to tell you about Fawn’s new book appropriately titled, Happy Wives Club. She traveled the world to interview happy wives and hear from them what has made them so. I just finished the book this morning, and it is excellent!

Fawn traveled to 12 countries on…

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